Clay Kelley's HR Outsourcing Sales University

​Human Resources Outsourcing - A Complex Sale

The HRO/PEO sale is unique and complex.  To be successful, sales professionals need a high level of business acumen and C-level selling skills to build the business case and authentically close the prospect.

The Clay Kelley Human Resources Outsourcing Sales University "The U"

The U is a complete online human resources outsourcing (HRO) training program.  The U is designed to teach sales professional of all levels the complexities of human resources, workers' compensation, risk management, employee benefits, benefits administration, payroll, payroll taxes, prospecting skills and C-Level selling strategies.

Empowerment + Activity = Results

When sales professionals are competent, they are confident and they get results.  The U teaches sales professionals strategies to prospect, qualify opportunities, conduct C-level discovery meetings, build the business and financial case, close prospects in a consultative manner and create an endless stream of referrals.

For Your Entire Team

The U can serve as your complete human resources outsourcing (HRO) training program for your entire team!  The course curriculum provides education in all areas; human resources workers' compensation, risk management, employee benefits, benefits administration and payroll.


The U uses the power of learning management system technology to deliver the most impactful training experience at an affordable investment.  Tuition is based on the number of users, so your team can retake unlimited courses for the same investment.

Enroll Today

Enrollment is quick and easy,  call Clay at 817-247-7732.  Your team can begin taking courses in The U usually within 48 hours.

The Clay Kelley HR Outsourcing Sales University online human resources outsourcing learning management system is designed to maximize the competency and performance of your team

  • A comprehensive library of courses available on demand with unlimited views

  • All courses are video based, shot in high definition and include resource documents

  • Many courses contain tests to gauge the competency of the team member

  • Robust Learning Management System (LMS) reporting to track course completion and test results

  • Customized portal with your company logo

Clay Kelley's HR Outsourcing Sales University Curriculum*

The Ultimate Value Proposition

Communicating Shared Employment

Why Businesses Need HRO: Human Resources

Why Businesses Need HRO: Workers' Compensation

Why Businesses Need HRO: Benefits & Administration

Why Businesses Need HRO: Payroll, Taxes and Technology

Employment Laws You Need to Know

Effective Prospecting Strategies

Overcoming Prospecting Objections

The HRO Sales System

Effective Discovery Meeting Strategies

Building the Financial Business Case

Strategies for Closing the Sale

Creating Endless Referrals

Conducting Effective Meetings with CPAs

Business Intelligence: Human Resources

Business Intelligence: Workers' Compensation

Business Intelligence: Benefits Administration

Business Intelligence: Payroll, Taxes and Technology

Probing Questions: Human Resources

Probing Questions: Workers' Compensation

Probing Questions: Employee Benefits

Probing Questions: Payroll, Taxes & Technology

Probing Questions: Competition

How to Say it Best: Human Resources

How to Say it Best: Workers' Compensation

How to Say it Best: Employee Benefits Administration

How to Say it Best: Payroll, Taxes & Technology

Qualifying: What Every Employer Needs

Conducting Effective Meetings Over a Meal

The Best Prospects to Target

The Human Resources Value Proposition

The Payroll, Taxes & Technology Value Proposition

Appointing CEOs

Getting Your Call Returned

*Subject matter and curriculum contained in the Clay Kelley HR Outsourcing Sales University; actual course titles differ

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